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Common Questions

Where is Desert Trauma Surgeons located?

Desert Trauma Surgeons is located at 380 E Paseo El Mirador, Palm Springs, CA, 92262

What are the operating hours of Desert Trauma Surgeons?

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

What services does Desert Trauma Surgeons provide?

Desert Trauma Surgeons provide trauma and acute care surgery services in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, California

Does Desert Trauma Surgeons offer Telehealth services?

Yes, Desert Trauma Surgeons offers telehealth services

For Hospital Administrators

What types of contract staffing does Desert Trauma Surgeons offer?

We offer a wide range of contract staffing options, including subspecialty services in trauma/critical care, general/acute care surgery, vascular surgery, colorectal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, surgical oncology, wound care, and staffing for mid-level providers (Acute Care Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants).  Our Administrative division also provides consultative services on revenue cycle management and program expansion capability/feasibility.

How does Desert Trauma Surgeons ensure the quality of care with its staffing solutions?

We focus on excellence by providing highly qualified, board-certified medical professionals who bring specialized skills and experience, thereby enhancing the quality of care at your facility.

Can Desert Trauma Surgeons provide custom solutions for unique hospital needs?

Yes, we craft custom solutions that address specific challenges and requirements, ensuring our services align perfectly with your hospital’s goals and patient care standards.

For Surgeons

What are the current job opportunities available at Desert Trauma Surgeons?

We regularly have openings for various positions including trauma surgeons, general surgeons, surgical oncologists, vascular surgeons, and pediatric surgeons.

What is the application and hiring process for surgeons at Desert Trauma Surgeons?

The process includes submission of application, initial review, interviews, credential verification, comprehensive orientation, and a mentorship program to foster professional growth.

Does Desert Trauma Surgeons offer any professional development opportunities for its surgeons?

Yes, we provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities to ensure our surgeons remain at the forefront of surgical advancements.